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Joint Replacement Surgery Specialist

Oakland Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

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Joint replacement surgery can restore arthritic, damaged, or badly injured bone and cartilage to help you move confidently without pain again. At Oakland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Mithun Neral, MD, an experienced orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, and the team specializes in knee replacements and shoulder replacements using techniques tailored to an individual’s anatomy and needs. Call the Clarkston, Michigan, office or book an appointment online now.

Joint Replacement Surgery Q&A

What is joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery involves the removal of joint surfaces, followed by the placement of fabricated metal and plastic implants. The implants replicate healthy joint surfaces, which allows you to resume smooth movement and end persistent joint pain. 

More than a million joint replacement surgeries occur annually in the United States, making it one of the top 10 most common types of surgery.

What are the available types of joint replacement surgery?

Oakland Orthopedic Institute specializes in knee and shoulder replacements. 

Knee replacement

A total knee replacement removes and replaces damaged cartilage and bone in the inner, outer, and front compartments of the knee. A partial knee replacement involves only one knee compartment. Osteoarthritis is the reason for most knee replacements.

Shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement options include anatomical (traditional) and reverse shoulder replacements, with a reversed ball and socket position. The main reasons for shoulder replacement include osteoarthritis, severe rotator cuff damage, rheumatoid arthritis, and avascular necrosis (bone death related to lack of circulation). 

With most joint replacements, the team selects premade implants to match your anatomy as closely as possible. While this type of joint replacement can be very effective, it may not be ideal for people who have severe joint deterioration or who want to participate in very physically active lives post-surgery.

So, Oakland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine also offers custom joint replacements for both the knees and shoulders. That approach to joint replacement uses advanced diagnostic imaging — magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) — to create a patient-specific surgical plan. 

The implants are individually designed for your anatomy, which ensures the most accurate fit. Because they use your existing knee or shoulder anatomy in the most efficient way, custom joint replacements work like your natural joint and feel very normal. 

When might I need joint replacement surgery?

You could need joint replacement surgery if you have chronic pain, stiffness, and movement problems related to osteoarthritis, an injury, or another type of joint damage. 

Physical therapy, activity modification, and oral medication are usually the first-line treatment for chronic joint pain. If your pain and other issues don't improve with the initial treatment and you want to avoid or delay surgery, Oakland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine may recommend precision medicine options like hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. 

But, if your symptoms become debilitating and you need a permanent solution, a joint replacement could be the best option. Joint replacement surgery gives you the next best thing to your natural joints, with excellent longevity.

Learn more about joint replacements by calling Oakland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine or booking online today.