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Frequently Asked Questions



Can pediatric patients be seen?

  • We do see pediatric patients in the office, depending on the condition. Please contact our office and we can further assist you.


Do you take Medicaid?

  • Unfortunately, this office does not take Medicaid.


Which body parts do Dr. Neral and Dr. Gordon see?

  • Dr. Neral is a general orthopedist and will see any body part in office, but he specializes in shoulders, knees, and sports injuries. 
  • As a podiatrist, Dr. Turner is able to see any condition below the knee. 


What do I need to have to be seen if I am an auto/work comp patient?

  • We will need an open and billable letter addressed to the specific provider you are seeing prior to your visit. 


Do you have my imaging from my referring provider? 

  • We only receive reports from referring providers, never images (X-rays, MRIs, CTs), please bring any discs you have with you to the appointment. 


How do I access the patient portal?

  • We will need an active email on file for you before you can utilize the portal. If you do have an email on file, please follow the link on the website to register for your appointment. If you don’t have an email on file, please give us a call with that information and we will send you a link to register. The patient portal is the easiest and quickest way to get ahold of our office. 

Can I buy inserts in the office?

  • We have PowerStep inserts available for purchase in office. Dr. Turner also casts for custom orthotics.


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